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When Brie Murphy moves back to Vancouver she can’t help but think of it as a new beginning... but it’s the dark and charming playboy from her past that continues to consume her fantasies with a passion she has only felt during one heated night. Only, she never expected to see Max again, or be drawn into his untamed magnetism as he threatens to expose her true feelings… and the secret she has been guarding for seven months.   Max Savage can’t believe his eyes at the halo of unexpected blonde hair - the one woman he has been trying to find and who clearly wanted to stay hidden. It’s her fiery independence and the wild seductress she keeps just under the surface that touches a part of him no other woman ever has… his heart. Little does Brie know that Max is a man whose charisma has never been refused and he’s not about to let her secrets or her denial get in the way of what he wants. But when faced with an imposing threat, can Max’s determination and Brie’s resilience overcome even the most dangerous of enemies?