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​​​​Libby West was born into a criminal world.
As the estranged daughter of James West, Libby has lived her life on the run, always two steps ahead of a dangerous past that continues to haunt her shadowy existence. Knowing it’s only a matter of time before her father comes for her, Libby can’t afford any distractions. That is until one night and one dance with a dark and mysterious stranger...

As an integral part of Savage Security, Nate Savage knows nothing but chasing the adrenaline of the next mission. Not babysitting the mousy daughter of an infamous criminal...  

Their only link to her father, he is determined to learn the secrets he knows she’s hiding - no matter what. Straddling the line between duty and desire, Nate finds his priorities changing when his pursuit becomes more about his unexpected hunger for the seductive woman than doing the right thing.
Now it’s up to Nate to keep her heart and his mission in one piece.